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Marketing Management

Cloud Technology: The Future of Business

Cloud technology has changed the future of business and some believe that it will be the only way businesses will function. It is beneficial for a company of any size and allows flexibility for companies to save money, and free up the necessity to manage complex technologies. Six opportunities cloud technology can enhance your business: Data back up

Cut Costs & Prove Marketing Automation Value

77 percent of CMOs at top-performing companies say that most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to increase revenue.

However, it can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish an even greater range of goals, ranging from quality of leads to streamlining your marketing and sales processes. Nonetheless, most marketing automation users understand that marketing automation can lead to campaign success and a greater ROI.

Marketers: Pros of Cloud Technology

When it comes to cloud technology what are the beneficial features that it provides to organizations?

Helps marketers focus on business values than at its data center

Identify data values for business instead of focusing on managing your data center by utilizing the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud storage system with less focus on the IT aspect of data management and storage.

It is cost efficient

Store company data minus the regular IT expenses for machineries and employees.

Dreamforce '14

This past week we attended’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. There, we were able to hear from keynote speakers about what is the ahead in the road map for the company as well as listen to expert-led learning sessions. Take a look below at some pictures we took while we were at the conference! 

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring '14 Overview

This high-level video overview of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing by Tony Schmidt shows marketers how to manage all their marketing in one place, from developing marketing plans and budgets to managing projects and assets to supporting effective marketing communications across traditional and digital channels.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Cloud BI: Going Where the Data Lives

More than ever, cloud adoption has become a recent trend for companies as they are generating and storing more data in the cloud.

Joao Tapadinhas, a Gartner analyst said, "As more data sources move to the cloud, it makes more sense to also adopt cloud BI solutions because that's where the data is. It's easier to connect to cloud data using a cloud solution."

Marketing’s New Role—Marketing Technology Officer (MTO)

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), are you prepared to understand all the technologies you’ll need in order to survive and thrive? As we move into 2015, one thing has become very clear – technology is playing a key role in the transformation of marketing into a revenue center. Savvy heads of marketing should be working both to understand the key role of technology, and to learn how to optimize this stack of technology.