How to Grow Your Business with Marketing Automation

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How to Grow Your Business with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps you achieve tasks with minimal effort. It gives business owners opportunities to better manage their relationships with known prospects and current or even inactive customers. Implementing an automated marketing system allows your company to consistently and effectively communicate with a customer and prospect database based on their individual interests and past interactions. 

You’ll be able to easily reach new prospects and attract and maintain current customers, saving time and money. The benefits and business growth potential involved with marketing automation offer unlimited opportunities for small business owners. Marketing automation can help grow your business by allowing you to reach your customers and prospects more consistently.

An automated marketing system also offers a smooth transition from website visits to email nurture once you’ve embedded an email sign-up form to request more information into your website. Capturing an authentic list of names and email addresses through sign-up forms is an easy and effective way to be able to add interested parties to your list so they can be sent additional information. When they are reached quickly, prospects are more likely to stay engaged, so having an automated process in place is crucial to conversion.

Implementing the automated features also saves time and has the added benefit of offering analytics so you can track every step of the process. You won’t have to create and send individual emails every time you need to communicate with prospects and customers, which allows you to work ahead by pre-scheduling automatic emails in a drip process. This nurture sequence means prospects won’t be forgotten. Re-engaging emails can even turn inactive customers into active buyers. 

Send a welcome email that outlines the perks of receiving messages from your company and include links that direct them back to your website. You can also send a series of event reminders that informs, reminds and encourages them to attend. Reward loyal customers by sending a coupon geared towards their purchases or responses and reach out to inactive customers by telling them you miss them and offer an incentive for them to return. You may also want to ask for feedback as to why they may have stayed away to gain additional insight into how you can shift your message to be more effective.

Automating your marketing has a great ROI when used correctly and reviewed periodically. Don't overuse marketing automation, though, or your emails will either lead to them being flagged as spam by their intended recipients or result in an unsubscribe notice.

With the automation of emails and social outreach comes the added benefit of analytics. Your team will be able to determine which emails receive the best response rate, what days and times are best to reach your target market and if certain subject lines are more appealing than others. These analytics are crucial as small tweaks can make your already strong marketing efforts that much stronger.

Any opportunity to reach current and new customers in a more efficient way to crucial to your marketing department. With a strong return on investment and time saving opportunities, marketing automation can not only make marketing interactions run more smoothly, but also give opportunity for more initiatives to find their way to the top of the to do list.

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