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The Importance of Cultural Fit

The Importance of Cultural Fit

According to research, 89 percent of hiring failures can be attributed to poor cultural fit. Why is this important to keep in consideration? Each company’s cultures can be drastically different. The meaning of cultural fit can vary greatly between companies as well, whether it determines the clothes employees wear, what employees do in their free time or if employees will go out together after work.

8 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews

Many candidates have questions they have prepared for an interview, but as a hiring manager, what are some of the best ones that you have heard? Read below for some of the best ones.

1.  What role will I fill?

When it comes to an employee’s role in a business’s strategy, the job title explains only so much. When a candidate asks this question, it will provide clarity as to if they will need to be an ideas person, a mentor to other employees, a creative force, a rule follower, a rule breaker.

It's an IT Employee's Market

You’ve probably heard the real estate terminology “it’s a buyer’s marketing” or “it’s a seller’s market.” These phrases allow you to figure out if you should buy or sell property based on factors affecting the real estate market such as lending interest rates, size of the market, supply and demand, the ability to qualify for a mortgage, etc. Just as in real estate, in the business world there are similar factors that influence the equation when determining if it’s an employer or employee market.

IT Unemployment Rates by State: 2014

As we are now in the third quarter of 2014, the unemployment rate for technology professionals averaged 4.1 percent in Arizona and even lower in Colorado at 3.2 percent (last recorded in June 2014*). In looking back to 2012 and 2013, the unemployment rate appears to be near the same average.

Most Outrageous Job Interview Mistakes

The first impression you make is very important when interviewing with a potential future employer. According to CareerBuilder’s new national survey of hiring managers and HR professionals, “nearly half of employers (49 percent) say they can tell within the first five minutes whether a candidate will be a good fit for the position, and the vast majority (87 percent) know within the first 15 minutes.”

However, what happens when the job candidate goes too far? You get great stories!

Real-life examples mentioned in the survey include the following:

What Are the Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2014?

There may be a few changes in skill sets most desired by hiring managers in 2014. Unemployment is close to zero for IT professionals with high-demand skill sets. So what are they? Computerworld conducted a forecast survey of IT executives, and their results are listed below:

If you expect your IT employee head count to increase, for which types of skills will you be hiring in the next twelve months?

Four Keys to Hapiness in the workplace

An article recently written by Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, discussed his belief that there are four major ways to find happiness in the workplace. His opinion is formulated from the perspective of the employee and can obviously vary depending on the individuals career progression and personal needs. Let us know if you agree with his assessment.

7 ways to become more visible to recruiters

An article recently written on highlights ways in which a candidate looking for employment can make themselves more visible to recruiters with job opportunities. Here is a list of 7 key actions that a candidate can take when searching for employment: