Topping the Developer Candidate Pools

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Topping the Developer Candidate Pools

Software is taking over the world. Companies worldwide are investing in their technology offerings, and with that they are seeking top quality developers to build and manage the technology. This ideal developer not only feels comfortable with the entire data stack, but also understands how to draw data insights from technology and stays current on updates in languages and new languages that appear. In order to stay on top of every recruiter and company’s wish list, consider adding these important tasks to your professional development to do list.

  • Full Stack Wizard: A company will feel they hit the jackpot with a full stack developer, someone who can move between multiple platforms with ease. These wizards understand the benefit of versatility as they assist in alleviating any siloing as they understand the technical needs from core to aesthetics. As companies look towards the future, having broader skilled engineers will be a benefit to companies to work in a close-knit manner.
  • Data Focus: Big data, while not a new trend, is a lasting trend. Companies are investing more into data every year, as executives are seeking an understanding of how to make better business decisions. By adding data wrangling technology, such as Hadoop and Spark among other machine learning frameworks, to your resume will assist in catching attention. 
  • JavaScript Minded: According to a recent study, understanding of JavaScript was one of the most sought after skills for technical staff. Whether your focus is desktop, mobile or web, JavaScript proficiency is a beneficial skillset to have and a powerful line item on your resume.
  • Differentiate: Similar to how companies are now seeking the full stack developer, recruiters and hiring teams are also desiring more diversity in technology knowledge. While Java and C# are still incredibly important and necessary for this field, newer languages like Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Python are also incredibly helpful in setting yourself from the candidate pool.
  • Agile Attention: Agile development is necessary to stand out in today’s technology world. It is about breaking down projects into small sections, prioritizing, adapting to plan changes and delivering optimal value. This, paired with honest, actionable feedback will make you indispensable to your team. A humble developer who is continually willing to learn will stand out.
  • Caution in Security: Though in the past security was focused on subject matter professionals, with more companies suffering from security concerns, technical expertise will safeguard your place on the top of the candidate list. As more companies consider jumps to cloud, they will also be growing their security compliance. Knowing how to secure your code and technology will be invaluable.
  • Mobility: Companies are continuing to invest in mobile to meet the needs of their customers. If you can not only develop for web and desktop, but also mobile, you will be highly coveted; understanding with the technology will boost your hiring potential.

Today, the market is definitely a candidate’s market. So many companies are looking to boost their technical prowess and deliver strength in technology to their employees and customers. In order to be the candidate of choice, diversify your skill set and give attention to being in the know of the newest technical trends. It will not only make you more employable, but create more opportunities for your next move.


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