The Social Media Test

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The Social Media Test

It is the 21st century. For many companies, reference, background and drug checks are not the only checks performed on employees anymore. A recent poll showed that 52 percent of organizations have added a standard social networking check to the hiring process. If you are interviewing, you may also want to take a look at your social media profiles. If you were to be hired by a company, you represent them wherever you are, including online. Ensuring your social media presence is clean is just as important today as having stand-out references.

Today, the Internet and what you post will be considered in your job search. Having inappropriate photos can keep you from being hired, while positive posts and examples of volunteering can give candidates extra points.

One executive surveyed noted that social media allows employers to cross-check with your resume for integrity. Does your resume match your LinkedIn profile or Facebook employment history? Are you speaking in a positive light or are you talking negatively about your current employer? This could make or break a hire.

On the other hand, viewing the items below on a social media screen can benefit your job prospects. A recent survey found that 33 percent of employers found items during a screen that made them more likely to hire the candidate. In addition, 23 percent found content that sealed a candidate’s hire.

Whether you are seeking a senior executive role or an entry level position, having a positive presence is important when joining a new company. What you post can resurface and be used to benefit or hinder your hiring potential. As you continue to apply for positions, ensure your web presence is the image not only you want to portray, but companies want to hire.


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