Reduce Stress in the Workplace

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Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Unfortunately, pressure in the workplace will happen fairly often. The average employee will be interrupted seven times an hour and distracted close to two hours a day. These interruptions and distractions can cut into the time you have to perform your normal job duties, therefore possibly leading to added pressure to get things done. However, being able to deal with pressure in the workplace is a golden skill. If you are ever busy or trying to balance multiple projects at once, there are ways to lower the stress and handle it more effectively.

  • Focus: Don’t stress over everything that needs to be accomplished; it will only overwhelm you. Instead, stay focused on what must be accomplished today. Then, you can shift your focus to everything else.
  • Calm: It is a necessity to stay calm. When you stay calm, you are better able to take everything in stride and complete your to do list without any casualties.
  • Ask: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being able to analyze your task list and find the best method to take care of all the high priorities shows you can think clearly under pressure. 
  • Help: Not only should you not be afraid to ask for help, but also be willing to offer your assistance. If you can see others are overwhelmed with their task list, help them out! In the end, you are all supporting the same company.
  • Control: Focus on what you have control over. Interruptions will happen, but don’t let it affect your work performance. Control what you can and understand what is out of your control.
  • Positive: Don’t dwell on the negative or any roadblocks. Stay centered on what needs to get done.
  • Energy: While coffee, soda and other sources of caffeine are great to keep you energized, they can actually add unneeded stress. Limit your intake and space it out for best results.
  • Teamwork: Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone and join in on large team projects. Your flexibility and willingness to try new opportunities will demonstrate your ability to handle pressure.
  • Break: Don’t forget to take small breaks throughout the day. Take a walk around the office, get a drink of water or simply take a few deep breaths. You will be surprised how much it can actually help improve productivity.
  • Vacation: Don’t avoid taking your vacation time, but plan it strategically during slow periods at work. Don’t add undue stress by having a large project load while taking time off.
  • Smile: Don’t let the stress and pressure you are carrying show. Focus on what you need to accomplish despite how much might be on your mind.


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