Post-Interview Protocol

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Post-Interview Protocol

You have officially completed the interview. You think you really made a positive impression. What is next? Do you sit and wait until they reach out to you with next steps? Not at all! When you are trying to secure your next opportunity, it pays to be proactive, even in between interviews. Following up after an interview demonstrates your dedication and portrays you in a positive light with the employer and their hiring team.

A personalized thank you note is still completely encouraged as a post-interview action. Especially in technical roles, an email thank you is very appropriate. If there were multiple people in your interview, a unique, personal email to each person is important; nobody wants to receive a mass email thank you. The thank you following an interview is like a soft sell; it reminds the interviewers how interested in the job opportunity you are and why you would be the perfect fit for the role. This is a great opportunity to leave a closing positive impression to remember you by as the hiring team decides which candidates to move forward with and, ultimately, which candidate to hire. 

If you are unsure of how to build the email, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Thank the interviewer: Thank the individual for their time and the opportunity to speak with them about the specific position.
  2. Why you would be the perfect fit for the opportunity: Detail how your experiences and skillset align well to the role you are seeking. It is important to be specific and give examples.
  3. Mention a key conversation point: The likelihood that the interviewer spoke to multiple candidates that day alone is likely, so by reminding them of your conversation or something specific you discussed, it will jog their memory.
  4. New information: This is the time to add any additional information that makes you the perfect fit for the role. It could be something you forgot to mention in the interview, but wish you did add.
  5. Follow-up: To further demonstrate your genuine interest, mention that you will follow-up if you haven’t heard from them by a specific date. Likely, in the interview, the interviewer mentioned when they would let you know of next steps or you asked at the close of the interview. However, people can get busy and timelines change. If you don’t have an exact date to include for follow up, around ten days following an interview is a great timeline. 

Try to ensure this note is sent within a day of the interview. This way, the conversation is fresh in your mind and the individuals you are emailing. Waiting any longer can also mean their minds are made up and you missed your window.

Sending a thank you and closing the interview loop is a classic interview etiquette. It is a courtesy that will leave a positive impression on those you spoke to.


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