Job Offer Clues

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Job Offer Clues

It’s an exciting time. You’ve been interviewing for a new career opportunity and it seems like a great fit for you in terms of culture and job function. However, is the company feeling the same way? Thankfully, there are clues you can spot in your conversations cluing you in on whether a job offer is in the near future. While getting your hopes up prematurely is not ever the intention, below are some signs that a job offer could be on the horizon.

  • The interviewers are “selling” you on the company. It is no longer about seeing if you have the qualifications for the role, but trying to demonstrate to you why the company is a great place to work.
  • The interviewers are beginning to ask more personal questions in addition to technical questions. When companies are interested in learning about your hobbies, personal goals and work/life balance, they are interested in seeing the individual beyond the resume.
  • The interviewers are nodding, keeping eye contact and smiling more often. While the interviewer could technically be simply a friendly person, heightened smiling and nodding can be a great sign as it means they are genuinely interested in what you have to say! It often demonstrates that they are enjoying themselves and feel comfortable around you. Don’t forget to pay close attention to their body language, like leaning into the conversation; actions speak much louder than words.
  • The conversation moves from “you would” to “you will.” They see you in this role and are beginning to speak as if this is a definite possibility.
  • The interviews grow longer. Are you going over time scheduled or being continued over lunch or coffee? Interviewers will determine fairly quickly whether they could see potential; those interviews will often be quicker. Longer interviews means they want to invest more time into getting to know you; you likely have already demonstrated a proficiency in the basic criteria for the role.
  • They begin to ask for additional details like compensation, references and background check information. When they begin to discuss these topics, you are being seriously considered for the position. These are often the last few steps before being able to make a job offer. Companies may not always let you know if they are making reference checks, but only final candidates will be asked for these details.
  • The interviewer is bringing up next steps. When the interviewer is volunteering concrete information, rather than you having to ask, it’s a definite clue that you are in contention for the position. While generic responses like we will be in touch sometime next week is not as helpful, specific timeline information is reserved for candidates that they want to stay engaged.
  • You are given an office tour and asked about start dates. Companies won’t usually give up specific details on when they need the new position to begin. It opens the door to too many follow-up questions from candidates. An office tour is not a privilege given to just any candidate. The interviewer is in selling mode. They are wanting to introduce you to other members of the team who will share their positive experience with the organization.
  • Are you interviewing anywhere else? When interviewers ask this question and follow it up with selling you on why their organization is the best choice, it is a good sign. This often means, not only, that they are highly considering you, but they also are concerned if they wait too long that they could lose you to another company.

When you begin to hear these clue intermixed into your conversation, it is a good sign for the interview process going in a positive direction. The only step to take now is continue to make a positive impression and close the deal on why you would be the perfect hire for their organization.

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