Are You Mobile Friendly?

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Are You Mobile Friendly?

Candidates and hiring managers alike are on the go today. Neither are always given the luxury of sitting down at a computer to apply for jobs or review resumes. Sometimes, applications must be submitted and viewed from the convenience of a mobile device. In this case, resumes have slightly different rules. The key word is simplicity. 

As the candidate, you never know when you will be connected with a great opportunity and want to submit your resume right away. Access to a mobile friendly resume will cut wait time as you will not have to postpone submitting an application until you get settled at home, with possibilities of forgetting to apply as the day continues. 

For hiring managers, their time to review applications could be on the ride to work, sitting in the conference room between meetings or when out meeting with customers for other job responsibilities. In this case, having an easy-to-read resume on their mobile device will present you in a more positive light. What makes a resume mobile friendly?

  1. Concise: When looking at anything on a mobile device, it is much easier to click off the page and look elsewhere on the device. Brevity is necessary when sending a mobile-friendly resume. The entire resume should be able to be viewed with as little scrolling as possible. With patience limited on a mobile device, having your resume be a snapshot on a mobile device will present you effectively without technical irritation from scrolling through pages of qualifications and zooming in on small type.
  2. KISS: Similar to being brief in what you type, it is important to keep it simple [silly] or KISS. Unless your resume is part of a greater branded submittal, for technical resumes there is no reason to complicate the resume with multiple font colors or hard to read type. Utilize a basic font and do not use excessive formatting. By simplifying the resume, it will be more readable by the desired parties.
  3. Connect: If your resume will be viewed on a mobile device, make the most of it! Utilize the connectivity to the Internet, email and phone available on the mobile device. Through the purposeful use of hyperlinks, the hiring manager can click one button and be connected to your LinkedIn profile, email or phone number to continue to connect with you. Give an obvious next step after reviewing your resume by connecting the hiring manager to you in other avenues.
  4. Test to Perfection: After all the hard work and dedication to apply for a position, it would be unfortunate if your resume gave a negative first impression due to it not functioning properly. Therefore, test your resume on multiple platforms. Try to employ the latest version of your software and view your resume on popular platforms, like iPhone, Android and tablet prior to sending to employers. Eliminate the concern for error.

Candidates are not the only busy parties during the hiring process. The hiring managers may not be able to view every resume on their desktop. Therefore, it is important to make your resume mobile friendly in addition to desktop friendly. When both are tested for, you are showing that, from the start, you are prepared for every situation possible.


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