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IT Project Management

Multitasking, good or bad?

We have all heard that some people are better at multitasking then others. My question is; does multitasking help a person complete project tasks successfully in the total time allowed for those tasks? Besides having multiple tasks to complete, there are also phone calls, IMs, emails, meetings and other interruptions that are relatively constant throughout a Project Manager’s typical day.

The Bumpy Washboard Anti-Pattern

I came across this great blog from Leading Answers, which made me think of a bumpy adventure I had while driving through our wonderful state of Arizona on a return trip from Las Vegas.  I came upon a fatality accident, which we all know will keep the road closed for hours.  I had the choice of driving all the way back to the Interstate (a known r

Little bits of time add up to one powerful animal for demonstrating PM skills


The elephant should respect the mouse


Time is one of the three key axes of classic project control, along with financial resources and conformance to requirements.   Project managers appropriately put major emphasis on time as displayed on the wall calendar, and great energy is spent on hitting deadlines measured in days, weeks, and months.  When a project comes in on or before a due date, the PM can be justly proud (assuming no major feathers have been ruffled in the budget and quality domains).

How to Optimize Salesforce License Types and Lower your Salesforce Cost by half?

Do you need to pay $125 for each user in order to use Salesforce? 

The answer is no.  There are ways to increase the user adoption without hurting your budget.

For those of you using Salesforce Enterprise edition, you may be able to use licenses for many of your users to substantially reduce your Salesforce CRM system costs. Enterprise users can co-exist in your Salesforce database along with your Saleforce Enterprise users because Enterprise and Salesforce Enterprise Edition access the same database.

Salesforce Best Practices Part 7 – Case Management

Be sure to have a well defined case management process -Poor case management can actually hurt you more than poor sales management. Once you have that customer, keep them happy. Touch your cases daily -Customers want to know that they have not been forgotten. Be sure to either set a time to contact them (and do not miss it) or send them an update daily to let them know that you are still working on it. Keep detailed case notes.  -Someone else may have to contact the customer on your case.