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Top 10 Hottest Enterprise Apps of 2013

Many people have associated apps created for mobile devices and tablets with solving the entertainment needs of consumers ie- gaming, social media usage etc. But as the app marketplace grows, organizations around the world have begun to create business oriented platforms that have proven to significantly increase business efficiency. With this in mind, Salesforce compiled a list of their top 10 hottest enterprise mobile apps for 2013. Here is that list with a brief description of their functionality and links to their websites if you would like to learn more.

IT Departments won't exist in 5 years

A recent article written on highlights the growing belief that the consumerization of IT and self-service trends will lead to a large restructuring of today’s IT shop in five years.  

The article argues that in today’s business environments, consumer technology is becoming a part of everyone’s workplace. The belief is that companies in the future will have to ensure that they are matching their enabling technology to the demographic of that time.

Microsoft Convergence 2013

The TopLine Strategies Team is currently taking part in the 2013 Microsoft Convergence located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference is Microsoft’s largest to date at over 11,000 attendees and opened to Microsoft Business Solutions President, Kirill Tatarinov and featured presentations by executives from Microsoft Dynamics customers: Chobani Inc., Habitat for Humanity International, Revlon Inc., Shock Doctor Inc. and Weight Watchers International. These customers highlighted how they use Microsoft Dynamics on a daily basis to help further the growth of their business.

Mobility viewed as a key revenue generator

In a survey conducted by consulting firm Accenture, 413 global CIO’s were asked about their mobile plans in 2013. The results indicated a focused attention on mobile platform growth as a key to revenue generation in the coming months and years.  79% of respondents indicated that they viewed mobility as a revenue generator and would allocate roughly 30-40% of their discretionary budgets on mobile development this year. This information indicates that CIO's across the world are keenly aware of the importance of mobile devices to the growth of their business.

What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

As data centers continue to grow in complexity and frequency of use, organizations have to begin to prepare more robust disaster recovery plans. Many administrators are turning to a cloud and virtualization solution to create a more agile environment. Having a well-laid out disaster recovery plan can save time, management overhead and all-important costs associated with extended periods of outages. The following list of disaster recovery solutions was created by Bill Kleyman, cloud and virtualization architect at MTM Technologies:

Tips for People New to QlikView

As someone whose background has been in development of business applications (specifically around Microsoft technology), when I started working with QlikView a ways back, it was a transition. Sure, you're still building something using technology for end users, but it requires a different way of thinking. Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting with QlikView if you come from a traditional software development background.

One in three mission critical apps currently in the cloud

SailPoint, conducted its Market Pulse Survey for 2012 and provided some interesting insight to cloud based technologies and opinions amongst IT executives. Here are some of the highlights:

Respondents to the survey believe 1 in 3 mission critical apps (focused on storage, file-sharing and communications) is currently hosted in the cloud. They also indicated they expect this number to rise to 1 in 2 mission critical apps being cloud based in the next three years.

Gartner’s Top 10 IT Trends: Hits and Misses

Courtesy of Information Weeks, Eric Lundquist, Gartner has outlined its Top 10 IT Trends at the annual Gartner Symposium that was held last month. Gartner analyst, David Cearley was the keynote speaker on this subject and provided some interesting insight on the topic. Item number 6 was an interesting discussion topic regarding “Strategic Big Data.” Big Data is a relatively new topic of discussion in 2012 and will prove to be an immense opportunity for forward thinking marketers in the near future.