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IT Project Management

Next Big Tech Movement: Internet of Things

CRM systems within companies have helped revolutionized how we view the facilitation of employees' efforts to help the customer. However, what is the new shift occurring with CRM systems? The next shift is called Internet of Things (IoT). This means that businesses will be able to gather information from an increasing number of devices including, televisions, refrigerators, cars and mobile electronics.

Gartner Says CRM Will Be at the Heart of Digital Initiatives for Years to Come

Not only is CRM the heart and soul of digital initiatives for years to come, it tops the list of leading tech trends in 2014.

More than ever, companies are leveraging CRM technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM. Gartner said, “The demand for modern technology and customer relationships is driving refreshed or expanded integration and usage of all areas of CRM software. The outlook continues to be positive for CRM as buyers focus on technologies that enable more-targeted customer interactions in multi-channel environments.”

Data Migration Considerations

Data migration is one of the largest efforts associated with implementing a new CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce CRM, and most if not all CRM implementations require data migrations. Very rarely is a CRM system implemented without starting with source data from some other system or data source.

5 Key Principles to Resource Management

Why is project management so important? Project management brings together people, processes and tools to accomplish a common objective. Most importantly, it manages the resources that actually do the work.

Here’s how you can effectively manage resources:

Top Trends for CRM Adoption

I think that we can all agree that the biggest challenge with implementing a new or existing CRM system is adoption. However, the bottom line is that a CRM system plays a vital role to not only increase sales’ efficiency, but effectiveness as well.

What are the top three trends that can help with adoption?

Microsoft Changes the CRM Game with a New Release in Q2!

Microsoft just announced that, in the second quarter of 2014, they will be unveiling a new comprehensive set of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities to help organizations match their customers to the right products and services, engage with them in the right way at the right time, and nurture their relationships.

What will CRM look like in 2015?

An article written by Jamie Grenney for discussed the potential path that CRM should take by 2015 to meet the needs of next generation CRM users.