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IT Project Management

The Importance and Hazard of Inspiration in Software Development

One of the phenomena we experience during the course of every software development project is inspiration. As user teams engage in the creative process of developing software solutions, they feel pride and ownership in what is being built. As a solution starts to become reality, they become inspired with what is possible which in turn leads towards ideas for new approaches, process and functionality.  Having worked with large, medium and small companies, public, private and non-profit, the effect is universal.

Innovation – Cost or Value?

I read an article from Mihai Despa with the title: “The cost of innovation in software projects.” In the article, Mihai is soliciting for a list of costs associated with innovation. Our clients come to us with innovation in mind or experience some form of inspiration during the software development process. To foster technology breakthroughs, inspiration and innovation, the Agile PM uses the Agile Triangle as opposed to the venerable iron triangle.

Scrum or Kanban?

Both Scrum and Kanban are based on Agile principles. When do you use Scrum and when do you use Kanban? My opinion is that you can combine both methodologies and apply them wisely.

Kanban software development focuses on continuous delivery and drives high efficiency by limiting how much work can be done at once. Invented by Toyota and modified by David J. Anderson for software development, Kanban can have a huge impact on modern teams delivering cloud software in continuous environments.

Embrace Agile: Take the Challenge

I really enjoyed reading this post “The Agile Household: How Scrum Made Us a Better Family”.

It shows how Agile can be used outside of software development, it made me ask myself how can I utilize agile in daily routines. I found it very enlightening to read that the entire family immersed themselves into the agile project and appeared to be delighted with the outcome.

Cloud BI: Going Where the Data Lives

More than ever, cloud adoption has become a recent trend for companies as they are generating and storing more data in the cloud.

Joao Tapadinhas, a Gartner analyst said, "As more data sources move to the cloud, it makes more sense to also adopt cloud BI solutions because that's where the data is. It's easier to connect to cloud data using a cloud solution."