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Wanted: Data Storytellers

Wanted: Data Storytellers

The world of Business Intelligence (BI) is changing. Companies are funneling more resources into BI and data visualization tools to help their teams make more effective decisions. But as businesses invest in the technology, are they also investing in the individuals needed to manage it? 

Transforming Group Collaboration

Transforming Group Collaboration

The enterprise social network, Yammer, is taking collaboration a step farther: to the team. Yammer is making collaboration easier than ever before with a belief that information is most valuable when shared amongst your team, leading to greater productivity in today’s dynamic teams. Not only will Yammer be more deeply rooted in Office 365, but with Yammer groups, members can share and collaborate within a confined space on the topic at hand. Users will be able to seamlessly move between Yammer, Skype meeting, Outlook emails and files on OneDrive.

Follow the Sun: Handoffs via Kanban within VSTS or TFS

Do you have a global software development team? Do tasks get passed daily from work site to work site around the world?

Task handoffs can be tricky when team members are many time zones apart. 

You can try using email to communicate work assignments, but emails can be overlooked and emails lack trackability.

You can try a shared spreadsheet of work items, but the spreadsheet can be cumbersome and time-consuming to maintain.

Managing PowerBI Groups

Publishing reports under the workspace of a username works great when only one person is in charge of managing it. Unfortunately, PowerBI doesn’t allow us to give other users edit privileges on those reports, which limits effective collaboration with the rest of the team. 

Fortunately, PowerBI gives us the option to create groups which come with the ability to fine-tune permissions for other users. This feature requires a Power BI Pro license and is not available in the free version. 

Data as an Asset

The foundation of any business is composed of three things: the products/services offered, the people who keep the company running and the data that demonstrates past decisions and supports future decisions. Data is the backbone of every business. It is filled with useful nuggets of information, detailing past business trends, successes (and failures) and opportunities for growth moving forward. The data can assist your business in many ways, including in the development of new offerings, boosting total revenue and better managing your company’s costs.

Earn the Nickname "Eagle Eye!"

Thorough testing is key to delivering quality software to our customers. In the software development sphere, we invest time and money to create test plans, suites, cases and scripts. Within these documents, we note the details that need to be verified based on the system features being delivered, providing a great cornerstone for our testing efforts.

Beyond the planning and the documents, though, great testing requires a tester who will:

The Outsourcing Toolkit

The Outsourcing Toolkit

There can be a lot of benefit from outsourcing or partnering with external resources on projects; it has become a vital part of today’s modern business. It opens your team up to strong resources that will set your company up for maximum potential on complex technology projects. In order to set your greater team and project up for success, it is beneficial to ensure everyone is on the same page. What items should be placed on the roadmap as you embark on a technical project? 

Business Intelligence Hot Topics for 2016

Business Intelligence Hot Topics for 2016

In the world of Business Intelligence (BI), trends are not limited to a year timespan. Trends will evolve overtime as new technologies come to fruition. The past year has been a big year for BI and the upcoming year will likely be no different. The major focuses rolling over into the New Year are data security, storytelling and data engagement.