Top 10 Hottest Enterprise Apps of 2013

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Many people have associated apps created for mobile devices and tablets with solving the entertainment needs of consumers ie- gaming, social media usage etc. But as the app marketplace grows, organizations around the world have begun to create business oriented platforms that have proven to significantly increase business efficiency. With this in mind, Salesforce compiled a list of their top 10 hottest enterprise mobile apps for 2013. Here is that list with a brief description of their functionality and links to their websites if you would like to learn more.

Apttus – Quoting solution that allows users to quickly configure price and quotes for any product or service.

DocuSign – Allows users to quickly sign and send any document type straight from a mobile device or tablet.

Concur – Tracks travel and expense costs associated with business trips in an easy to use application.   

ServiceMax – A mobile and collaborative field service management software

Bracket Labs – Distributed, through the Salesforce App Exchange, this organization developed apps that share items such as marketing campaign calendars and shared to-do lists.  

Sylpheo – Enables sales people to make more phone calls and organize contact information easier.

Taptera – Allows for more seamless IT integration and security with syncing personal tablets with internal systems

Xactly -  A program designed to build, manage and audit sales compensation programs.

Geopointe – An integration of with Google maps, MapQuest and other geo-technologies. It is the top map app provider on – Builds cloud applications for Salesforce CRM such as cloud accounting software, billing, online accounting, professional services and more.


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