The Time for Cloud is Now

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The Time for Cloud is Now

Contrary to what some might have thought, cloud technology isn’t going anywhere. By the end of 2015, cloud spending will surpass $180 billion with over 60 percent of companies using cloud technology for IT-related operations. What was once considered a fad, has gained more permanent standing and continues to gain momentum. Of all new spending on cloud technology, 59 percent is originating in North American companies, with acceleration through 2016. According to a recent survey, over the next five years, there will likely be a 44 percent annual growth in public cloud use. Why? The ease and flexibility of use.

Employees are drawn to the streamlined ease and mobility of the cloud technology. If the devices are more portable, the information should be too! As devices for work are becoming more portable, moving from the desktop to the laptop, tablet and smartphone, it is becoming easier to become mobile and cloud technology goes hand-in-hand with the simplicity of mobility. Users are able to work on the go with all the current information at their fingertips. 

Not only is it portable, but interest is growing also due to its cost effectiveness. According to a recent study, 82 percent of companies who moved their services to cloud reported saving money. By moving their companies to cloud, they are saving money and time, which in turn is saving more money from the capital expenses associated. If the ease of use and portability was not enough reason, financial benefits are persuading other companies to make the switch.

Many Americans now believe cloud technology will be shaping the future. What does that mean for your company? If you are not joining the trend, more than likely, your competition is. In today’s business world, having current data at the moment you need it keeps your team competitive. A sales team that can create a proposal on the spot will likely win the deal over the team that has to return to the office to build the contract. It is no longer a convenience to be able to use data on the go, it is expected and what will separate the sales leaders from those behind the curve. It will decide who will win or lose prospects.

While many have already began their company’s transition to cloud, there are still companies who haven’t made the switch. Now is the time to consider adoption. It could give your team an edge over the competition, the opportunity to be a more user-friendly environment and reduce your overall operating costs. The impacts could greatly benefit your company and push it into the next age.

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