Resolutions for Better Team Collaboration

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Resolutions for Better Team Collaboration

No better time than the start of a new year to set resolutions for your team to better collaborate efforts. If your team is still having issues with collaboration or seeking to improve your platform, here are seven resolutions to give your team the extra push to implement the necessary changes to help make collaboration an integral piece of project management and communication.

  1. Decentralize the management and administration of the collaboration platform
    • Centralized management over collaboration platforms can lead to difficulties. Instead, look for opportunities to decentralize your company’s platform management through moving management to teams and departments. With this move, it is imperative to train your administrators and managers to ensure they understand the tools and features available. In addition to training the administrators, create policies and procedures for the decentralized system, including where IT support ends and self-sufficiency by teams begins. Finally, it is important to provide feedback channels, either through internal forums or working group. This way, administrators can learn from one another.
  2. Centralize the team task management in the cloud
    • In order to keep tasks from falling through the cracks, implement centralized task management for your teams. This will allow team members to follow, favorite and comment on tasks in a central location. One such platform to set-up this system is SharePoint. 
  3. Create and implement an enterprise collaboration plan
    • Collaboration platforms, like most systems, need a plan to prosper. A few items to consider adding to your plan are goals, outline of roles and responsibilities, governance expectations, project management touch points, document process changes and mobile/remote access planning.
  4. Move an email-based workflow to the collaboration platform
    • Try by beginning with moving one email-based workflow to the collaboration platform in order to test the waters. A simple choice is a technical document review. Opting to emailing documents between writers and editors can slow down the process of completing the document and risk create multiple versions of the same document. By using platforms, such as SharePoint, simpler workflows can be attained, ensuring everyone can access the same document at once.
  5. Move one group communication from email to the platform
    • Similar to beginning to move workflows, it is important to begin to move important communication documents to the collaboration platform. This could be as simple as an office phone list, a new benefits announcement or an important project kickoff document that would otherwise be emailed to employees. Employees can benefit from having this information in one spot. 
  6. Socializing collaboration
    • Integrating enterprise social networks and collaboration platforms has arrived. When you implement collaboration platforms with enterprise social technologies, like Yammer, it can be a subtle tool to move your team from primary reliance on their email systems.
  7. Integration with Microsoft Office
    • One of the more underutilized features for collaboration platforms is saving and checking out documents from the platform’s Microsoft Office system. Users can save documents from SharePoint or check them out in order to fully immerse yourself in the file to make necessary edits and changes. These methods will help with productivity and security of the team’s documents.


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