The Outsourcing Toolkit

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The Outsourcing Toolkit

There can be a lot of benefit from outsourcing or partnering with external resources on projects; it has become a vital part of today’s modern business. It opens your team up to strong resources that will set your company up for maximum potential on complex technology projects. In order to set your greater team and project up for success, it is beneficial to ensure everyone is on the same page. What items should be placed on the roadmap as you embark on a technical project? 

  • Goals: What are your overall business and project goals? The more your team is aligned to the benchmarks for a project or the team in general, the greater value you will be able to provide. Prior to starting a new project, detail the goals of your organization and how they connect to the project at hand. Once team members can connect around the big picture, chance of isolation will be minimized.
  • Guide: A written guide or plan of action will help to ensure your team is united onto the same page. A well-designed plan of action has the potential to increase accuracy and overall project management; the more detailed, the better. A plan should include each team member’s role and how each piece contributes to the greater picture. The addition of charts, graphs and additional visuals will add to the effectiveness, as those photos will speak a thousand words.
  • Collaboration: If you want your team to work seamlessly, even if they aren’t physically close, a strong sense of collaboration must be achieved. This includes ensuring all team members are working off the same set of files. Otherwise, this could leave the door open to duplicated efforts. Resources should be reachable by any individual at any point in time.
  • Consideration: Especially when working with a remote team, consideration for time is incredibly important. Scheduling meetings for times that are suitable for all team members will create stronger cohesion.
  • Time: Time can also be a secret weapon for your team when working across multiple time zones. When working with international team members, progress can continue while you are asleep. By sending projects at the end of your business day, your international team members can continue progress while they are in the office.
  • Communication: With any remote team, constant communication is linked to greater project success. Whether through phone calls, emails, video chats or in-person visits, rapport is built through inclusion. When the entire team feels they are linked and working toward the common goal, the success of projects will be greater.
  • Resources: The right project management software will assist in holding your team accountable. Project management shouldn’t be limited to emails; emails will get lost. When project management resources are used, it holds your team accountable for their goals and tasks at hand. Your team will be more productive when more time is spent on the project and less on tracking down next steps.
  • Respect: Each member of your team is an integral part of your project success. They are not merely another set of hands. Get to know every member of your team. The more you are able to connect with them, the more invested they will be in your project. Once they are invested, they will contribute greater results.

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