Leadership Secrets for Great Meetings

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When it comes to all meetings, no matter the size or type of company, what truly makes them great?

In a recent article posted by Eileen McDargh, she brings up some great points that you can incorporate in your next meeting. One effective method our company practices is team stand-up meetings, which are used as an opportunity to share a brief status on tasks and present obstacles that others may be able to provide assistance with. We also use the method of summarizing questions, outcomes and actions. Summarizing frequently during the meeting and after with action items, next steps, a due date to the person or group to which they are assigned is important too.

Following some of Eileen McDargh's tips will help ensure that your meetings stay on task and are relevant. Here are the top suggestions from the article that will move your meetings from average to great:

Keep a Time Frame

Make sure your meeting has a start and end time. Sometimes associates have meetings back-to-back and you should be aware and respectful to everyone’s agenda. If someone is tardy, you can always create a fun-but telling-response for tardiness such as having to sing to everyone.

Facilitation is Key

Develop good facilitation skills making sure everyone participates and is heard and acknowledged.

Create an Agenda

By creating an agenda, it will not only keep you on-track during the meeting, it will also provide you an outline of the topics you need to discuss. It will also help you summarize and send out action items when the meeting is completed.

Break the Routine & Recognize Associates

To break the meeting routine, you might consider beginning by asking people to come prepared to tell the group about some person whom they want to acknowledge for outstanding service. Starting off by highlighting positive performance-particularly of unsung employees-is a powerful gesture.

No Meetings After Lunch

When scheduling a meeting, avoid having any meetings directly after lunch. After a full meal, it can be hard to pay attention and many people may tend to feel sleepy.

The Most Important – Thank you

Don’t forget to say thank you. Time is the only true non-renewable, irreplaceable resource. When people give you their time, they gave you a piece of their lives.

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