The Happy Self-Service Workplace

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The Happy Self-Service Workplace

A happy workplace is often a strong, productive workplace filled with top talent. What does this have to do with business intelligence? User-oriented, easy to use business intelligence tools aid in encouraging a happy workplace for those compiling data for the business. According to Gartner, process-centric interfaces for data collecting limit choices, mobility and content, stressing and disrupting employees. Consumer-centric environments, alternatively, focus on the applications and software that users prefer to use. They are easy to use, filled with strong content in a mobile manner. Achieving this consumer-centric environment is simple: give employees the technology they want to be using. 

One approach is through the use of self-service analytics tools. They boost employees’ productivity and ease due to their logical set-up. It empowers analysts, leadership and other users to seek the insights they need to push their company forward. Plus, with the strong, easy to understand visibility, users feel they play a greater role is attaining these analytics to drive results. When the employees actually enjoy using the technology, they are more likely to use it, as well.

Click here for the white paper “Getting More with Self-Service,” which describes the IT roadmap for self-service reporting and analytics.

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