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Need to Hire an IT Project Manager?

Hiring any position in the IT field can be challenging, especially if you are not as familiar what you should be exactly hiring for.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind for your next IT Project Manager hire:

IT Project Manager Credentials:

Non-tech Skills Necessary to Succeed in IT

IT has the lowest unemployment rate across the board and these workers possess some very difficult to find skills that are essential to helping businesses function properly. Although finding someone that possesses every technical skill you are looking for is very hard to do, you may want to consider hiring a candidate with less technical experience that you teach on the job.

8 High Paying Jobs with Happy Employees

Can you truly have it all—a happy career and a large paycheck that comes with it? Many people don’t tend to think so, but recently, compiled a list of jobs that can make you happy and pay you well by analyzing more than 50,000 independent company reviews from 2013 and 2014. The reviews are from employees all over the U.S. who evaluated 10 factors that affect work happiness on a five-point scale:

IT Unemployment Rates by State: 2014

As we are now in the third quarter of 2014, the unemployment rate for technology professionals averaged 4.1 percent in Arizona and even lower in Colorado at 3.2 percent (last recorded in June 2014*). In looking back to 2012 and 2013, the unemployment rate appears to be near the same average.

What is the worst hiring mistake a company can make?

We have all made mistakes along the way when it comes to the hiring process, but what is considered as the biggest mistake companies make? No, it’s not failing to hire someone who turned out to be a superstar at a different company, or actually hiring someone you thought would be a good addition to the company, but turned out to be a dud.  

6 Ways to Reveal Résumé Fraud

The majority of career experts recommend that candidates tailor their résumés to individual jobs they’re applying for. With 34% of job applicants lying on resumes, how do you ensure that you don’t fall into a resume fraud trap? Follow these six steps:

Get a background check.