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Human Resources

Infographic: When to Hire

Recruiting involves attracting talent for a job at the right time. However, how do you know when the right time is? Data Scientist Kasia Senderowska conducted a study for SmartRecruiters on when the right time to hire is.

8 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews

Many candidates have questions they have prepared for an interview, but as a hiring manager, what are some of the best ones that you have heard? Read below for some of the best ones.

1.  What role will I fill?

When it comes to an employee’s role in a business’s strategy, the job title explains only so much. When a candidate asks this question, it will provide clarity as to if they will need to be an ideas person, a mentor to other employees, a creative force, a rule follower, a rule breaker.

2014 IT Salary Survey

Find out which tech positions make the most and where 2015 information technology salary expectations stand in TechTarget’s IT Salary Survey for 2014.

Simple Tips to Avoid Making Bad Hires

When a company makes a bad hire it can cause major impact to the overall company. This impact can result in lower Bproductivity, lost time and money in hiring and training, decreased employee morale as well exposed negativity to clients which could affect the sales team in the long run.

What's the Most Revealing Interview Question You Should Ask?

When you are interviewing for your next hire, you may be ready to ask the standard questions, but what is the most revealing interview question you should ask? "Tell me about your friends." I am sure you can find an exception or two, but for the most part, good people hang out with good people. High performers usually associate with high performers. Whether it is at work or outside of work, high achievers tend to stick together. The same is usually true for people who do minimum work, gossip and complain.

It's an IT Employee's Market

You’ve probably heard the real estate terminology “it’s a buyer’s marketing” or “it’s a seller’s market.” These phrases allow you to figure out if you should buy or sell property based on factors affecting the real estate market such as lending interest rates, size of the market, supply and demand, the ability to qualify for a mortgage, etc. Just as in real estate, in the business world there are similar factors that influence the equation when determining if it’s an employer or employee market.