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Human Resources

Budgeted Salary Increases Expected to Rise for 2013

According to a recent study from Culpepper, average base salaries are projected to increase across most global regions for 2013. On average, base salary increases are still lower than levels before the 2008 global economic crisis and with continued global market uncertainty still a concern; many companies are forgoing a “one-size-fits-all” approach to salary increases and applying them to individuals and departments within the firm.

Workers Consider Relocating in 2012

According to a recent article from CareerBuilder, 44% of workers who were polled say they would relocate in 2012 for the right opportunity. Voluntary turnover is on the rise and it looks like many of these people aren't opposed to trying something new and are willing to relocate.

Have You Ever Applied To ____?

Information Technology is one of those Industries that at times, requires some highly specialized individuals with hard to find skill sets.  From a recruiter’s standpoint, these positions can cause some major headaches, which is why many organizations will look to outside agencies that specialize in finding IT talent.  Not only are these agencies able to tap into their network, but can devote the time needed to source and qualify candidates; precious time that some HR professionals aren’t able to devote.  I have been recruiting for 7 years and have placed both contract and direct hire posit

Surrounding Yourself With the Right Talent

I'm sure we've all heard the old adage, "competition breeds excellence."  Although mostly applied to athletics, it really holds true to every facet of life, especially the workplace.  I came across an interesting blog post from