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Human Resources

Turnover rates are high at Tech companies

PayScale recently secured data from Fortune 500 companies to see which companies have the highest turnover rates. Results indicate that IT firms experience the highest levels of turnover amongst the industries surveyed.  Some of the most prominent firms at the top of the list are Amazon, Google and Mosaic with median employee tenure hovering around 1 year.  

One new way to weed out job applicants

The attached video below describes a hiring strategy used by executives at Backup My Info!, a managed service provider specializing in online data backup and recovery. All new applicants that submit resumes with the company are asked to submit a joke with their application. This humorous tactic seems off the wall, but actually goes a long way in helping the team identify candidates that they should move forward with....or reject. Let us know your thoughts on this hiring tactic.

2013 Trends in Salary Compensation

This summer, PayScale, a compensation analysis survey organization, released a report that detailed trends in employee compensation through major U.S. markets. They collected data from employed workers from each quarter dating back to 2007. The report specifically measured data on the 20 largest metropolitan areas, 15 industries, 19 job categories and 3 company sizes. We compiled data for the Information, Media and Telecommunications Industry, IT Professionals and specific data on the Phoenix marketplace.

Hiring in an aggressive economy

An article written for recently outlined the aggressive hiring currently taking place in many key U.S. locations. They discuss that locations like New York City and Silicon Valley, are experiencing rapid growth in IT hiring as subject matter experts in engineering are becoming a must have. In an effort to locate top talent, the author outlines some hiring tactics. They discuss tactics such as recruiting events, company–wide sourcing, social media promotions and cultural fit investigations.

Summer Jobs Report - Best in Years?

ADP in conjunction with data analysis partner, Moody's Analytics, released a July Report which indicates the private sector added 200,000 jobs. This number beat analyst predictions by 17,000 jobs. Total new jobs created in the last 2 months is 398,000.

Stop Event Bubbling in HTML DOM

Event bubbling is one of those things that never really causes a problem... until it does. I came across an issue with it recently that I will run through in this post. Event bubbling is actually one of two methods of event propagation in DOM, the other is event capturing. The difference between the two of these is the order in which events are triggered, either up through parent elements or down through child elements. This site has a very detailed explanation of each, if you'd like to read more.

Do you know the cost of a bad hire?

Losing employees is always difficult but are you aware of the financial implications? This info-graphic does a great job of explaining the cost of a bad hire and how detrimental it can be for a company. According to this data outlined by Resoomay, the cost of a bad hire can be in the hundreds of thousand of dollars.  

Are you paying your employees too much? featured an article recently that highlighted some important reasons why you do not want to overpay your employees.  Besides the obvious facts that the more you pay an employee, the less money you have to allocate elsewhere within the firm, there are some major problems with getting the compensation level wrong. Some examples that they highlight:

Six ways to attract top talent

As the economy shows steady signs of improvement, workers are beginning to test the waters for new opportunities and as a result, the competition for positions is becoming stiffer. With this in mind it becomes imperative that you do what it takes to attract and convince top talent that your company is the right choice for them. A recent article written by Paul Schoemaker on identifies 6 important ways you can be sure to attract top talent as you look to fill your important internal positions.