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What Should HR Leaders Focus on in 2014?

Now that we are one month into 2014, where should we be focusing our time and effort as HR professionals?

According to, HR should focus on “talent management”. This includes planning for recruiting, managing critical talent, and assessing the skills that our organization needs to implement its strategy.

Forecast for 2014: Looking Beyond Tech Skills When Hiring IT Workers

Although a candidate’s technology skills may get her/him in the door for an interview, what else are employers seeking?

We look for applicants with interpersonal skills. People who can communicate and collaborate with business users are more effective and efficient in the workplace. They are able to work with many different personalities and entities within the organization. In addition, IT professionals with basic knowledge of other business disciplines such as marketing, sales and finance make themselves a more appealing candidate.

What Are the Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2014?

There may be a few changes in skill sets most desired by hiring managers in 2014. Unemployment is close to zero for IT professionals with high-demand skill sets. So what are they? Computerworld conducted a forecast survey of IT executives, and their results are listed below:

If you expect your IT employee head count to increase, for which types of skills will you be hiring in the next twelve months?

IT Hiring Plans Secure and on the Rise for 2014

With 2014 here, career and employment site Dice suggests IT professionals will be in a better position to negotiate with new employers. Employers are working hard to retain current employees while also attracting new ones. The opportunities that are available will be for people who have both talent and in-demand tech skills.

Four Keys to Hapiness in the workplace

An article recently written by Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, discussed his belief that there are four major ways to find happiness in the workplace. His opinion is formulated from the perspective of the employee and can obviously vary depending on the individuals career progression and personal needs. Let us know if you agree with his assessment.

Arizona ranks 8th in the United States for Year over Year job growth

A recent report released by Elliot D. Pollack & Company, found Arizona as the 8th best state in the economy in terms of year-over-year employment growth. Through October 2013, Arizona employment levels are up 2% compared to this time last year. In the greater Phoenix area, employment is up 2.5% and continues to lead the state in most economic categories.

Unplanned Turnover in Information Technology Will Cost You

When it comes to unplanned turnover in a workforce of information technology professionals, the impact of the loss is immeasurable and significant. From the time the original employee leaves, there is a six to eight week time period where there is a flat line of decreased productivity. The workload remains consistent as it was before, but now there are less employees to get the work done.

Hiring forecast for the close of 2013

Looking at the last few months of 2013, CareerBuilder conducted a survey in which it asked participants about their hiring plans before the close of Q4 2013. According to the graph below, 25% of employers plan to increase their full-time staff (similar to data collected in 2012) and 9% anticipate downsizing. The majority of respondents (61%) indicated they do not expect a change in hiring by the end of the year.

Do you have a process in place for your hiring?

A recent article from outlines the steps necessary to implement an effective hiring process.  The objective of the article focused on the importance of recruiting and employing excellent candidates.  Building a quality team is critical to the success of an organization.