Wanted: Data Storytellers

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Wanted: Data Storytellers

The world of Business Intelligence (BI) is changing. Companies are funneling more resources into BI and data visualization tools to help their teams make more effective decisions. But as businesses invest in the technology, are they also investing in the individuals needed to manage it? 

As these programs become more valuable to the enterprise, so too are the developers who manage them. However, McKinsey estimates that, by 2018, there will be a shortage of between 140,000 to 190,000 qualified IT workers, as individuals holding these skills are becoming increasingly difficult to find, hire and keep. 

Forward thinking companies are beginning to focus their retention efforts on key BI employees, specifically those who best understand data visualization and are able to turn the data into understandable, usable conclusions. Data storytelling is now taking a front seat to the data itself. 

It will be up to you and your hiring department to build the team internally or seek employees with specific skills then mold them into the storytellers your company desires. These workers not only need the technical knowledge to build and read the dashboards, but also the ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical individuals.

These new developers must have a deep understanding of both group and individual motivation and the people skills required to educate and interact with user groups. While in the past BI developers were behind the scenes building dashboards and models, today they are often delivering their findings and insights directly to the customer. Even the best visualizations and business insights available are useless if your BI team can’t properly communicate them.

As the demands of BI change, so too will the focus for the types of individuals hired to oversee the systems. The new world of BI will be more than the technical systems the data is found in; data storytellers are the way of the future.

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