Top 2019 IT Hiring Trends

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Top 2019 IT Hiring Trends

Research has found that 30% of employers are looking to grow their IT departments next year. Similarly, 25% of IT professionals intend on looking for a new job in 2019. This upcoming year will continue the trend from past years where low employment and in-demand skill sets will mean high salaries for qualified professionals as employers are hungry for top tech talent. As a result, there is a growing focus on skillsets to stand out in this already competitive market.

  1. Management Skillsets: Companies are looking for IT individuals with skillsets outside of tech stacks. Many are now interested in tech professionals with the added managerial skills – multi-tasking to assume management responsibilities as well. IT professionals are not just behind the computer anymore. Employers are looking to put their best IT experts in front of clients to discuss product insights and other key technical information.
  2. Soft Skill Focus: The well-rounded technical professional should now be balanced with the growing focus on soft skills. The adaptable, problem-solving, time-management focused tech professional is in the height of demand. A technical professional with a strong combination of technical, business, and soft skills will gain preference over an individual with merely technical expertise.
  3. Data Analytics Expertise: Data continues to be a growing trends for companies as data is assisting in discovering insights for pushing businesses forward. As a result, tech professionals having skill sets for data analytics and insights, especially with added certifications, will make professionals more marketable.
  4. Hybrid Opportunities: Silos are no longer a business goal. IT professionals need to not only see goals and projects from a technical perspective, but also through vertical lenses, ROI, and customer satisfaction mindsets. This way, technical professionals can leverage new technical paths and technologies to grow the company’s footprint.
  5. Cybersecurity Focus: Not only is data a focus, but security is growing in importance. As companies are motivated to keep their proprietary information private, a shortage of cybersecurity professionals has driven opportunity for needed skillsets. This substantial demand will create preference for highly qualified professionals in the technical space.

In today’s highly competitive IT job market, staying aware and on top of cutting-edge technologies will deliver opportunities to spotlight to employers. This could drive heightened salaries and benefits for the most qualified professionals and top tech talent.  

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