Top 10 Ways to Recruit Millennials

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In today’s recruiting age, many believe the way to keep millennials is with a full range of perks, whether free food, dry cleaning, gym membership, etc. However, these individuals are in for a rude awakening. Millennials account for 1/3 of the total United States population and $170 billion in spending each year. Today, human resources should focus on matching motivations and giving their employees the tools to help them grow. They often care more about the opportunity to grow and develop more as a professional than the amount of money on their paycheck. Check out these top 10 ways to recruit the best talent of the millennials.Don’t merely recruit—instead, initiate relationships and engage the best talent
  • Advertising to attract the millennials is a waste of time and money. Companies should instead use social media to influence the generation about their company and make their presence known. This could turn the interview process into more of a dialogue, rather than the old-style interrogations of earlier generations, since the employers could now focus on identifying, attracting and hiring the best talent. Relationships can also be nurtured through promoting challenges, internships and projects for young talent.

Collaboration vs. Managing

  • Today, more than ever, the traditional approach of supervising and managing is not effective. Strong managers are instead building teams and engaging with their employees. This often happens with decentralizing their decision-making function, embracing new technologies and communicating like peers. Collaboration becomes a two-way street and maximizing the generational mix of employees.

Improve performance real-time—don’t wait for annual reviews

  • Millennials are used to two-way conversation, especially with their immersion in interactive technologies. They gravitate to quick, constant feedback. Rather than waiting until the annual review, long after most of the performance has taken place, continual feedback will lead to improved performance and quicker results.

Offer flexible work options

  • Millennials don’t want to have to force fit their lives into an inflexible job. Instead, offer an environment that gives opportunity to blend their business and personal lives together in a way that makes sense for them. Flexibility can mean telecommuting from home or non-traditional hours.

Engage in social media

  • Find them on the platform they use most: social networks. By creating and maintaining social media profiles, you open the door to new potential employees and give them a path to easily get to know your company, its products and services, as well as a chance to network and interact with company employees.

Put a real name behind corporate communication

  • If you utilize a corporate social media account for interacting and hiring potential candidates, call out specifically whom they are interacting with, even if as simple as adding initials. This will give interactions more of a personal connection, which millennials would greatly appreciate.

Know your “why”

  • No matter what else HR might tell a millennial, they ultimately will want to know why they should take the job. How will it help them with their overall goals?

Be respectful of all recruits, including those not chosen

  • It’s important to maintain strong relationships with millennial recruits, whether they receive a job with your company or not. They will be the first to tell their network about their experience. If they have a strong experience, a recruit can become a recruiter, even when not hired as the recruit.

Live the company brand and culture

  • Culture is crucial for millennials. If your corporate culture is suffering, it will hinder your chances with much of the millennial generation. It is important to be honest and genuine about the employer brand and present it well. If the employer doesn’t live up to their values, millennials will simply quit. Loyalty will come with living up to the brand’s promises.

Accept failure

  • Millennials are drawn to entrepreneurial environments that have a culture that accepts failure as a part of the learning and innovation process. It is entrepreneurship and a stake in the future that millennials want. Give them that chance.



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