Tips to Consider When Seeking Your Next Developer

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Tips to Consider When Seeking Your Next Developer

When hiring a programmer to join your company, you are seeking out an individual with the right skillset and personality to add to your team. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the market, many of the top programmers are not on the market and rarely have to apply for positions. Rather, they are sought out for positions and funneled in through connections, networking and professional recommendations.

When your company is seeking its next star developer, it is important to steer clear of the following five hiring blunders:

  1. Screening without programming knowledge: If your HR department handles the hiring of new employees, make sure to be well-versed in technical lingo and requirements. Hiring without an understanding of the skills and requirements can make recognizing a strong talent more difficult. As candidates move through the interview process, it is crucial to be able converse with the candidates in a technical manner to ensure they have an understanding of the projects on which they will be working and the tools with which they will be working. If you need additional assistance finding candidates who have the programming background, consider enlisting the help of your IT department or an IT recruiting service.
  2. Not removing the technical frauds: Candidates can write anything on their resume in the hopes of getting noticed. Sometimes, “programmers” will not have all the skills and experience listed on their resume, but they are able to talk their way through resume screenings and maybe even an initial interview. To avoid these sneaky candidates, consider adding a coding test or technical screen to the interviewing process. Sending out these simple tests early will benefit your team during the interview process, leaving only the strongest candidates to be considered. Don’t be afraid to ask for coding examples or test projects to truly test their skills on projects similar to what they would work on for your team.
  3. Only considering technical talent: A good programmer can code, but a strong programmer brings more to your team. They have the crucial soft skills that make employees bigger assets to a company, like decision making, communication and team leadership. Don’t limit your search to the ordinary programmer, look for a programmer plus. Technical skills can be taught, but soft skills are innate and unteachable.
  4. Limiting your search to the development rock star: Rome was not built in a day or by one master builder. Your development team is no different. Don’t blow through an entire hiring budget to obtain one star programmer. A team of strong, complimentary developers will get your company much farther and end in a stronger product as a result.
  5. Closing off your search to local vicinity: If your company is in the Greater Phoenix area, but you are having trouble finding the right developer, consider expanding your search to the greater southwest. Location can be altered for the perfect candidate. Today, it is also not uncommon to have employees working remotely. Location should not necessarily be a crutch.


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