Stand Out When Finding Candidates

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Stand Out When Finding Candidates

It’s the start of a new year, and many working professionals are involved in high-profile capital budget initiatives. One interesting, trending stat is companies across the U.S. are deploying record levels of CapEx budgets on technology. Critical technology projects require talent to drive these efforts to measurable success. Therefore, the search is on for well-qualified candidates interested in challenging opportunities with a new company. Human Resource leadership is looking to optimize job posting visibility with effective messaging, inspiring qualified candidates to act on their firm’s career opportunities.

When looking to pique the interest of top-tier talent, posting job openings on your website is not enough. Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and brand targeting is tuned to finding customers in its target markets, not career-focused tech talent. The goal is to make your career opportunity visible to candidates, active and passive, in the locations the targeted candidates frequent on a regular basis. Obviously, posting on business networking platforms, like LinkedIn, is important, but the next level of effort is to micro target on a 1:1 basis by leveraging talent sourcing companies. By making your opportunity highly visible to the targeted labor pool, you have eliminated half the recruiting battle.

Although job opportunity visibility is a crucial element of any search, once visibility is addressed, messaging is key. The first impression will be made in the initial paragraph of the job positing. You want your company’s job descriptions to make a qualified reader stop, wanting to read more and take action. There are only two actions that matter – make an effort to learn more and/or apply for the position. Clear, concise language makes a job description stand out. Company “flair” has its place in some job postings, but be cautious about loading up the job description with general catch-phrases like “Rockstar Developer” or “Coding Ninja” unless the catch-phrase has been crafted and perhaps tested to drive a targeted candidate demographic.

For all serious, career-minded professionals, what must be included in the job description is concrete details about skills, experience, career opportunity and some telling indicators of company culture. Include the specifics on the role’s responsibilities, what are the required qualifications, how the candidate could thrive and grow with the opportunity and your company, and what the pay and benefits are. Keep the postings positive, but to the point. The extra fluff will unnecessarily weigh the job description down and risk losing the attention of qualified candidates. When there is more of a story to tell about your company’s culture and mission than the job description provides, leverage your landing page and identify the further detail on what makes your company stand out. Let the job description largely focus on the job.

Candidates are most active reading about job opportunities on nights and weekends, away from their desktop or laptop. Therefore, candidates may likely be reading your job description on their mobile devices. This is a good reason to design a job description to showcase the opportunity, while concise enough to keep candidates engaged. 

Once your platforms and descriptions are ready to go, the most important step left is getting word out about the opportunity. While studies validate that weekends and evenings are the most popular for job candidates to be looking for opportunities, the bulk of application submittals take place Monday-Wednesday. Organize your social media campaigns accordingly. When possible, consider focusing opportunity campaigns on the back-end of the week through and including Monday. You want as many fresh eyes on the posting as possible to drive top talent to your company. Share the opportunity on LinkedIn, job boards, and social media. Remember: you want to have your job opportunity posted where and when and when candidates are looking to optimize visibility.

If you want to find the top candidates who are available for your job opportunity, consider enlisting the partnership of a talent acquisition team. These organizations have an array of tools, resources, and processes, including large databases of highly qualified technical talent. The best search firms can optimize a search and ensure the top talent will review your opportunity and can quickly determine who is motivated and qualified to compete for your job posting. TopLine Strategies has been a market leader for nearly two decades and can find the most qualified technical talent.

The new year is bringing record CapEx spending on tech initiatives, meaning the search is on for motivated technical talent ready to join your team. By appealing to the right candidates, with the right message, your high-profile projects can quickly be on a pathway towards success.

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