Six Seconds

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Six Seconds

Six seconds. You have six seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention. Would your resume make the first cut? Having a resume that can stand out from the crowd is completely imperative in this competitive job market. How can you stand out? Focusing on the minor details and perfecting your bullet points will not be the difference maker. Instead, follow these tips to make recruiters want to take a closer look.

  • Contact Information: If the recruiter is interested in your experience and skillset, they need to be able to contact you! Ensure your contact information is visible and up to date. It should be simple for recruiters to contact you to move through the recruiting process.
  • Tailor Made: Be specific when submitting your resume for a role. Choose specific terminology over generic terms to best demonstrate your skill set and experience. Using keywords from the job description in your resume will also better match your resume to the position, showing you did your homework.
  • Strategic Headers: Be specific. Headers are important as they help the recruiter to best navigate your resume. Take it one step farther. Instead of plainly saying “Skills,” consider “Technical Skills” or instead of “Experience,” try “Project Management Experience.” These are likely items the recruiter will be seeking anyway.
  • Keywords: The details of your work history and experience will likely be in the bullet points. Ensure the recruiter does not need to search far to find the details they are most interested in. 
  • Achievements: When including your experience from past roles, don’t forget to include your achievements. The responsibilities and accomplishments from those positions could be completely relevant to the duties of the role for which you are applying. Set yourself apart with the achievements you have gained in previous positions.
  • Metrics: Back up your skills with quantifiable metrics. Quantifiable metrics will solidify your experience. Achieving strong realization on development projects is not as impressive as achieving 110% realization on development projects.

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