Racing to Close the Skills Gap

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The race for technical talent is not only a sprint for top talent, but also a marathon in terms of the length of the need. As the technology needs of companies continue to expand and as companies work to connect technology with every business function, the technical talent will continue to grow and need to adjust. The skills of those hired as technical talent five years ago, are no longer the skills companies are searching for currently, but the need for technical talent, in general, is not slowing down. Top candidates are not on the job market for long. Talent is hired quickly and immersed in new career opportunities. With such a wide range of technical needs and experience, but a limited pool of experience, how will your company target those and interest them in your opportunity?

Technology and business lines continue to blur. Sales, marketing and customer service continue to infuse technology into their daily tasks, making IT an important part of the customer experience equation. However, technical talent not only needs to be present in the IT department, but technically fluent individuals need to be in every other line of business as they use the resources regularly to conduct their daily tasks.

When it comes to many of these technical requirements, there is not necessarily a formal education option to learn the skills. Therefore, training your current employees and seeking technically savvy, a quick learner is incredibly important for continued success. Offering opportunities for continued training and certifications could tip the balance, as technical talent continues to diversify their skill set. For technical talent, learning is never complete. Between new updates or emerging languages and technology, staying on trend with what is popular will make your candidates stand out to the hiring team and keep employees engaged and appreciated. Partnerships with universities will also ensure current technical needs are touched on before talent joins the workforce. Nonetheless, knowing where to turn for this talent will be the difference maker in the process.

The tug of war between companies to find and keep the top talent is continuing to occur. According to a recent survey, 80 percent believed that sourcing for technical talent is still incredibly competitive. Strong hiring packages, salaries and benefits are becoming the deciding factor to candidates as they debate the move to a new role. Having an ally in a technical recruiting firm, like TopLine Strategies, could give you the upper hand. Our continued outreach to a skilled database with a range of talents will give you the opportunity to reach a warm market of potential candidates looking for the right opportunity to make a career advancement. 

Technical skills are a constant battle between companies and they look to increase their advancement potential. Offering opportunities for continued learning will assist your company in standing out and finding driven, curious learners who want to grow and advance their skills with the right company. Keeping your eye on the greater talent market with the partnership of a talent sourcing talent-sourcing firm will give your hiring team the additional leg up. In this race, it is important to have multiple entries in the competition. With this approach, your chances will be strong.

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TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration and development of sales, marketing and customer service technologies that enable corporate clientele to improve revenue streams and strengthen customer interactions. Our project management and consulting is designed to achieve timely delivery, 100 percent user adoption of the technologies we implement and deliver measurable returns on investments for our clients.

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