Non-tech Skills Necessary to Succeed in IT

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IT has the lowest unemployment rate across the board and these workers possess some very difficult to find skills that are essential to helping businesses function properly. Although finding someone that possesses every technical skill you are looking for is very hard to do, you may want to consider hiring a candidate with less technical experience that you teach on the job. Many of the following technical skills experts believe that the skills below are what truly makes someone successful working in the IT field.

Analytical skills
Analytical skills are crucial for IT professionals. Viewing multiple trends and problems while having the ability to cultivate a solution that solves more than one issue is a skill that is not easy to come by.

Compassion and understanding of the clients and end-users problems will allow for clarity of their problems. It also allows IT workers to take ownership of the problem and cultivate a clearly defined solution that is best for all parties involved.

Good communication is imperative to the success of IT projects and must be paid close attention to in emails, presentations, phone conversations, meetings, etc. Clear, open communication that allows for input from all parties involved will create a better environment for problem solving and in turn a better solution.

Being able to communicate the technical solutions to the not so technical users increases the chance your audience understand your solution to their problem. In turn, your ideas will be implemented, thus bringing in greater revenue for the organization.

Ability to listen
The ability to listen to the requirements and needs of clients aids in determining the best solution to accomplish goals. This will build trust and foster long-term relationships with exceptional results that exceed their expectations.

Business sense
IT professionals should possess soft skills that will help them stand out to potential clients. These will help them to better communicate ROI as well as how their skills and knowledge will contribute to the organizations overall goals. Furthermore, how their work will impact the bottom line goals.

While this is more of a mindset than a skill, an IT professional with an entrepreneurial perspective will help clients view problems as opportunities and transform opportunities into innovation.

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