Need to Hire an IT Project Manager?

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Hiring any position in the IT field can be challenging, especially if you are not as familiar what you should be exactly hiring for.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind for your next IT Project Manager hire:

IT Project Manager Credentials:

  • Because project managers' responsibilities are both technical and organizational, employers may accept credentials from either domain.
  • Many organizations look for a certification such as Project Management Professional and some level of PMI or Six Sigma certification.
  • Some organizations seek candidates with a certification in Agile or SCRUM software development methodology.
  • In order to make sure candidates have proper credentials, working with a firm such as TopLine Strategies who is a well-established IT engineering firm has its advantage in that we are able to truly test for the required credentials.

IT Project Manager Skills & Experience:

  • Specification and planning of software development projects.
  • Tracking of project progress, change management and risk management.
  • Software development life cycle management.
  • Several years of project management experience, preferably in software development or IT infrastructure.
  • Significant experience facilitating communication among technologists and line-of-business managers.
  • Budgeting, cost control and risk management experience is desirable.

How to Source IT Project Managers:

  • Projects managers can be sourced through a variety of organizational affiliations.
  • Recent recipients of relevant certifications may be ready to change companies.
  • Using a firm, such as TopLine Strategies who has relationships with IT professionals, who are not accessible through websites such as the job boards, allows for you to obtain high-quality candidates.

How to Interview IT Project Managers:

  • Ask the candidate to address complex hypothetical scenarios that involve technical, organizational and interpersonal challenges.
  • Candidates should meet with the full range of prospective colleagues: managers, peers and reports. Be sure your staff knows how to conduct an interview.

Closing the Deal and Retaining IT Project Managers:

  • The challenges of project management vary widely from one company or IT department to another; sell the match of the candidate’s aspirations with the company’s business and company culture.
  • Directly address a concern of many project managers: a dearth of upward mobility.


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