Making Hiring More Mobile

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Making Hiring More Mobile

Mobile devices are becoming prevalent in our professional and daily lives. If someone asked you where your cell phone was at this moment, how far away from you is it? Are you reading this blog on it? Is it next to you? Possibly in your pocket? For almost two billion people globally, at any moment, their cell phone is not far away from them. According to a recent study, 43 percent of job seekers will do their job searching on mobile devices and 21 percent actually would rather apply for jobs on their mobile devices over other methods. In 2014, on LinkedIn alone, a 1.5 million job postings were viewed on their mobile application and 44,000 job applications were filled out daily. Mobile research and applications are becoming a definite part of the job search process.

Yet, despite mobile technology’s popularity among job seekers, many companies are not jumping on board with the trend. The numbers prove that companies should take notice. Recent studies show the benefits of utilizing mobile technology, including increased productivity (60 percent), faster response times (59 percent), greater employee engagement (52 percent) and increase employee satisfaction (33 percent). 


Today, 50 percent of users check their smartphones 25 times a day and 10 percent of users will view their phones over 100 times a day. 


Being mobile friendly will put your company in front of more qualified candidates. With such positive benefits, it demonstrates the prime opening to integrate mobile into your hiring tools to win the war on talent. 

Currently, the unemployment rate in the United States is just shy of five and a half percent. Worldwide, between 30 and 45 percent of the global working-age population is unemployed. Despite these number, one-third of businesses admit they can’t fill their opening with the right talent. Through integrating online platforms, both on mobile and desktop, companies will better be able to reach candidates on the go, including those candidates with hard to fill skills, similar to a talent clearinghouse. The best candidates will not be sitting at their desktop waiting for your job advertisement. They will be on-the-go and glancing at job boards when they have a free moment and something peeks their interest. 

Whether your company wants to believe it or not, mobile hiring is on the rise. Candidates are spending more time on their phones than ever before. By making your application process and website more mobile friendly, you are opening the door to busy, qualified candidates to apply to your open positions. Whether it is easy uploads, simple job forms or the option to attach your LinkedIn profile instead of filling out slews of questions, there are many opportunities to simplify your initial application process to increase your prospecting.


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