Introducing Generation Z

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Just as the professional world was beginning to understand and adjust to the millennial generation, a new generation is surfacing and warranting attention: Generation Z. Similar to each generation prior, Generation Z sees the world differently and have different priorities, including how they work best. This generation consists of individuals born between 1994-2010. While they are not solidly in the workforce yet, it’s beneficial for your company to start to move toward being Generation Z-friendly. The beginnings of this generation are entering the workforce and they differ somewhat from previous generations.

When preparing for Generation Z – it’s important to keep some things in mind: 

  • They prefer collaboration. This generation, and a good portion of millennials too, enjoy the atmosphere of being in the office. 41 percent of Generation Z prefers working in corporate offices, but seek productivity and time well spent in the office. This means that they value meeting to work on projects and in-person interaction. Even being a generation that grew up with technology, they would often choose a face-to-face meeting over a string of emails in order to get the job done. Working remotely won’t entice this generation, either.
  • Flexibility is key. Sitting at their desk twiddling their thumbs won’t be a selling point for Generation Z. In 2016, workplace flexibility was seen as the most desired office benefit, even more than healthcare, for both millennials and Generation Z. The 8-5 workday is less appealing to them. They will work hard and get their job done, but once they have completed all on their task list, they would prefer to leave and continue with other to do lists.
  • The work life balance line is blurring. This generation was raised with technology. They don’t know a day where social media was not a part of popular culture and integrated into professional life. With this technology prominence, this generation is comfortable caring their phones at all hours and jumping online to work at night if necessary.
  • Money doesn’t talk. Generation Z isn’t drawn to merely a big paycheck. 42 percent of millennials were motivated by money to work harder and stay longer with an employer. This number has dropped to only 28% with Generation Z. While, yes, a comparable paycheck is necessary for them to make ends meet in their lives, a company that speaks about advancement, professional growth, giving back and a collaborative culture will pique their attention more. 
  • It’s not just about the company, but also about the coworkers. 54 percent of Generation Z stated that the people they work with are the most important office attribute. They could love the company they work for and the products/services they offer, but if they aren’t working successfully with their team or feel a connection to their co-workers, they might begin to look elsewhere for opportunities. 
  • Security drives professional decisions. This generation was growing up during a financial crisis. They watched as family members and their friends took pay cuts or lost their jobs. As a result, this generation is drawn to opportunities with companies looking to continue their professional learning with a greater chance for job security. They value stability.

While millennials are still incredibly prevalent in the workforce, and are said to make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, the beginning of Generation Z is entering the workforce. Each generation brings new priorities; they must be considered in order to attract top talent to your ranks.

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