Hiring forecast for the close of 2013

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Looking at the last few months of 2013, CareerBuilder conducted a survey in which it asked participants about their hiring plans before the close of Q4 2013. According to the graph below, 25% of employers plan to increase their full-time staff (similar to data collected in 2012) and 9% anticipate downsizing. The majority of respondents (61%) indicated they do not expect a change in hiring by the end of the year.

32% of respondents said they will add temporary or contract workers in the 4th quarter. The hiring of temporary workers could be related to the normal increase in holiday part-time employees needed but may also signify a growing shift in the marketplace for part-time help due to a still unstable economic climate.

Specifically, the Information Technology sector continues to experience large growth. Since 2010, the industry has added over 300,000 jobs and is showing no signs of slowing. 36% of IT employers say they expect to add full-time permanent employees in the fourth quarter of 2013. This outpaces any other industry.

Particular IT jobs that are experiencing large growth are: Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software), Computer Systems Analysts, Computer User Support Specialists, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Computer and Information Systems Managers, Computer Programmers, Web Developers, Database Administrators and Computer Network Support Specialists.  


*This information courtesy of careerbuilder.com. To read the data in its entiretiy please visit: http://www.careerbuildercommunications.com/pdf/CareerBuilder_Q42013_Forecast.pdf



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