The Employee-Centered Workplace

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The Employee-Centered Workplace

Simply put, a happy workplace is a productive, successful workplace. It keeps the best employees interested and makes them want to stay with a company longer. It breeds comradery and support for a strong united team. However, as the typical “nine-to-five” isn’t so typical anymore, it is important to know what will keep happy employees engaged and loyal, rather than straying elsewhere or resting on their laurels. The happier an employee is, the less likely they are to begin looking elsewhere. Only 13 percent of happy employees stated they would consider changing jobs in the following year, versus 58 percent of unhappy employees. If your company is looking to implement opportunities to create a more employee-focused company, see below for areas that lead to greater workplace happiness.

  • Don’t focus on set hours: Whether an employee starts at 7 a.m. or 10 a.m. could affect their workplace happiness. Due to the expansion in technology options, employees can now work anywhere at any time. Encourage your employees to work based on a schedule that is best for their productivity and happiness. Flexible scheduling can result in greater overall productivity.
  • Encourage breaks: Your employees could get restless if they are “on” the entire time they are in the office. A workplace index survey from Staples found that 69 percent of unhappy employees felt they were unable to leave their desks and take a break. Through allowing, and encouraging, periodic breaks, your employees will feel more productive and recharged throughout the day and reduce the chance or effect of burn out.
  • Allow for telecommuting or flex work: If your company has not implemented a flex work policy yet, it is definitely a topic to consider. Survey showed that 63 percent of the happiest employees worked for companies who implemented flex work scheduling, telecommuting opportunities or both. These policies let employees know that their companies want them to succeed in working environments where they work best.
  • Positive working environment: The power of the right desk chair or an office at a reasonable temperature can do a lot for an employee’s focus in the office. If an employee feels comfortable in the office, their focus can be on getting work done.
  • Employee investment: Top employees should work with companies who invest in their talent and want to grow with the employees so that they can do the optimal job. Investing in your employees with strong technology, certifications or continuing education opportunities will lead to a stronger, more loyal team overall. Having the best resources will encourage your team to stay invested and continue to grow as well.


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