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A recent article from outlines the steps necessary to implement an effective hiring process.  The objective of the article focused on the importance of recruiting and employing excellent candidates.  Building a quality team is critical to the success of an organization. Employing the right candidates is fundamental to this goal.  The people in your organization are entrusted with continuously making critical decisions.  They initiate a multitude of actions intended to benefit the company each day; ultimately placing the success of your company in the hands of the employees.  The goal of the hiring process is to select an individual that will increase the competence level of the organization to achieve additional growth and success.  To accomplish this, it is crucial to attack the hiring process with the utmost precision and professionalism utilizing the strategic methods explained below:

Ditch the “secret sauce” mumbo jumbo.  Keep in mind that hiring is a complicated endeavor.  Anyone who is worth your recruiting time is going to have the basic interview questions down pat.  In addition, the “curveball” questions for which many famous CEO’s are recognized are generally not relevant.  The goal is to determine a potential employee’s suitability for the role you are filling and the person’s potential to drive organizational success.

Know precisely what you’re looking for.  It is imperative to prepare a list with the exact skillset and attributes that candidates must embody to be successful and excel in the role.  To deliver optimum results, it is best to discuss the qualifications with previous employees that held the position, their colleagues and customers.  Ensure that these credentials are clear and explicit to avoid any grey areas during the hiring process.  While this may sound very time consuming, you will be more prepared and better able to select qualified candidates consistently, efficiently and on the first try.

Get proof they have it.  At the end of the interview process you should feel extremely confident that the candidate is properly qualified for the position you are filling and is highly likely to excel.  This process should not only consist of questions but also a series of tests directly related to the role.  Such as a ride-along, role playing, simulations, write code in PHP, etc.  Without testing their ability to perform in the position and strictly relying on the interview dialogue you shared, your recruiting success rate will essentially be a hit or miss.

Involve others.   Create hiring panels during the interview process consisting of the employees with whom the potential hire will interact with on a regular basis.  Bringing in the perspectives of others will broaden the validation range and provide multiple opinions.  This helps ensure the candidate is a good match for the position and fit within the company’s culture.  The next step is the on-boarding of the new hire.  Having had prior interactions with the team speeds the new hires contribution to the success of the organization.  In the end, is that not the primary purpose of great recruiting?

At TopLine Strategies we incorporate each of the above methods into our nine step recruiting process to ensure we help you find the right IT talent the first time, and keep them long-term.

Our 9 Step Recruiting Process:

Step 1: Assess Client Job Requirements

Step 2: Research and Analyze

Step 3: Evaluate, Blend, and Enhance Description

Step 4: Job Posted

Step 5: Job Promoted

Step 6: Recruit

Step 7: Technical Interviews

Step 8: Three-Column Compensation Analysis

Step 9: Preset Offer and Begin Supervisorial Reference Checks, Background Screen

For more information on our nine step recruiting process please view our IT Staffing Process video.


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