Cybersecurity Hiring Surge

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Cybersecurity Hiring Surge

One of the most popular technical fields currently is cyber security and it is reported that 47 percent of companies are seeking to hire between one and 10 professionals in this field in 2016. With the current employment and popularity boom of cyber security careers, it is more difficult than ever to find top talent to fill these technical openings. A recent study from Cybrany found that 68 percent have noticed a shortage globally in cyber security talent. Only 13 percent of those surveyed felt there was ample cyber security talent in their geographic area.  

Due to the nature of their expertise, these candidates also will need to be sought after in different manners. The demand for cyber security talent is four times greater than the overall IT market and 12 times greater than labor as a whole. What can your company be doing to best entice this top talent to join your team? 

  • Engage Young Talent: With this field being so popular and on the cutting edge, it is likely that young, eager talent is interested in developing their talent with strong companies. The opportunity to mentor young talent will benefit your team in the long-term; as you are able to train this talent to best fit your company’s needs. 
  • Social Standing: While some cyber security professionals may have a presence on traditional social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it is recommended to also seek out cyber security-specific verticals as well. Given they are cyber security professionals, these candidates often are more guarded on where they will start conversations. It will work in your favor to meet them where they are. 
  • Education: Is a post-secondary degree necessarily required for the role you are hiring? In the world of technology, professionals can be self-taught. If the professionals prove they have the skills that you are seeking, what is holding back your team from hiring the qualified candidate? Whether a candidate has a degree or not, the skill set will be what pushes them in the office. 
  • Branding: Your hiring team should enlist an alliance with marketing as you are seeking out talent to fill these technical openings. Marketing is tasked with promoting your company in a positive light to the greater public and using a strong image to win over new clients in addition to continuing to nurture current clientele. Through promoting your openings in a marketing-minded manner, your team can highlight the benefits of working at your company and entice new talent. 
  • Full Picture: Salary alone won’t always attract candidates to join your company. With this field being so saturated, the top candidates know that they are highly sought after. Pair a competitive salary with exciting projects and strong benefits. Not only do cyber security candidates know how much they are worth, but they also want to be challenged and work with exciting topics. 
  • Thought Leadership: Whether through blogs and publications, presentations or meetups, it is important to keep your company’s name present in the cyber security industry. When candidates position your company or its executives with being on the cutting edge in cyber security, candidates will more likely be interested in the openings on your team. 

Technical hiring already is on the candidates’ terms. Companies consistently want to push their technical initiatives forward and need top talent to do so. The more cutting edge the technical vertical, like cyber security, the more in-demand the candidates will be. Through patience in finding candidates, acting quickly on qualified professionals and creative promotion, your company will win over top candidates on the busy job board.

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TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration and development of sales, marketing and customer service technologies that enable corporate clientele to improve revenue streams and strengthen customer interactions. Our project management and consulting is designed to achieve timely delivery, 100 percent user adoption of the technologies we implement and deliver measurable returns on investments for our clients.

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