Candidates as Customers

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Candidates as Customers

The candidate experience is incredibly important for a company and its reputation. Whether or not a candidate receives a job from your company, they will remember the experience they had with your company and the employees they interacted with. If, for any reason, a candidate does not have a positive experience interacting with your company, it could possibly lead to lost future business and negative word of mouth. It could, in the end, return to haunt your business.

There is always a chance that, in time, a candidate you or your company interviewed in the past could resurface as a potential client at a new company. If they had a positive experience with your company, that is fantastic. They will recognize members of your team and remember your company in a positive light. This can only help your company’s chances to secure this new client and project. 

However, if a candidate had a negative experience with your company, it will do quite the opposite. Running into a former candidate will possibly have a lesser chance at securing a new client. They will associate your company, whether intentional on your company’s part or not, on their negative interaction. They will be less likely to want to work with your company again. 

Outside of that specific candidate, candidates will talk. They will share with their friends who they are interviewing with, what the process was like and their impression of the company as a whole. If a candidate feels they had a negative experience, there is a very strong chance that they will discuss their experience with their network. With the popularity of social media and the Internet, it is easier than ever to share your thoughts. A few negative comments can greatly damage a company’s reputation. The general public is more likely to believe what others say about your company than what you say about yourself.

As the professional network is growing smaller, word of mouth can travel faster than ever. It is therefore growing more important to always put your company’s best foot forward when interviewing potential new hires. If they don’t end up employed for your business, you can never be sure where you will run into them next.


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