The Art and Science of Recruiting

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The Art and Science of Recruiting

It is no surprise to many of you that recruiting is an art and becoming more of an art as years pass; it is not so simple that a monkey can do it. Recruiting is similar to a sales job, but it is one of the hardest sales jobs in the world. In order to make it in the world of recruiting, you must have a thick skin and be smart and witty. In a way, recruiting is like a rocket science. Once you feel you understand how the art of recruiting works, it changes once again. Why? It is the art of understanding people in the professional sense. People are incredibly unreliable and are never predictable. 

In the world of recruiting, plans can change at any moment. When you believe you have the perfect candidate, in one second plans can change and you lose your perfect candidate. With 2015 being one of the best years for recruiting, it could mean that it is one of the toughest for recruiters. Why? With the rise in interest for new jobs from the previously content candidates, more recruiters will rise to the surface, interested to break into the business. Companies will be yearning for great recruiters, but not every newcomer to the field will have what it takes. 

How come? Candidates now have the upper hand in the recruiting field; 75 percent of candidates are open to switching jobs today. They will have multiple calls and offers coming their way. Therefore, they won’t feel the need to return every recruiter’s call. They will be careful and choose the best opportunities and recruiting partners for their search. They want to work with recruiters they can trust and will run from recruiters who don’t have their best interest at heart. 

Since candidates have the upper hand, recruiters have had to work harder than in recent years. There will be increased noise aimed at the candidates. They will have offers, sign-on bonuses, stock options, perks and more flashing in their eyes to sign with a new position at a company. It will take a recruiting rocket scientist to break through the noise keep the industry straight and navigate between their lesser counterparts in order to find and attract top talent and keep them engaged long enough to build the relationship and seal the deal. They will have to work harder at pinpointing what the candidate has to gain from them and their offer. Why would they be a great fit and how could they contribute. 

Who thinks they have what it takes to earn their Ph.D. in recruiting in 2015?


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