SharePoint Server 2016

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SharePoint Server 2016

Last week, Julia White, General Manager for the Office Product Management team confirmed that SharePoint 2016 On-Premises is in the works with an upcoming arrival. As Microsoft had mentioned that there would be another SharePoint server, it was not a huge surprise, but still exciting news as some believed Microsoft could soon start phasing out on-premises servers for the online equivalent. 

Julia White stated that “with SharePoint Server 2016, in addition to delivering durable and exciting on-premise capabilities, [they’re] focused on bringing the value [they] ship in Office365 to [their] on-premise customers, ensuring that [they]  make it seamless to bring the cloud to your datacenter through new hybrid innovation.” Nobody wants to wait a year for the on-premise system to be configured and implemented. Now, Office365 provides the experiences necessary to get started with a video portal, file storage, OneDrive and Delve. SharePoint Server 2016 will offer greater integration and more enhanced offerings. These pre-set experiences are what companies once had to build from the ground up.

While some companies have moved to the cloud, continuing to use SharePoint On-Premises for scenarios that can’t be moved to the cloud or are better situated on-premise is a valid option. Many other companies have moved to a hybrid system. By launching SharePoint 2016, Microsoft is promising that companies can stay on-premise and utilize Office365 experiences to get their companies the best resources possible on the on-premises and online services. White mentioned a great deal of work has gone into providing a flexible way to provide “improved reliability.” Other additions are tools found on Office365. It will be exciting to see how SharePoint 2016 will work to continue to bridge between Office365 and the On-Premises experience.

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