Collaboration on the Go

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Today, time is a luxury that most of us don’t have in the office. We are constantly on the go, moving between meetings, projects and deadlines. We don’t have time to be strapped to our desks all day in the hopes of completing projects and hoping those collaborating are available at the same time. And, as an added hurdle, more teams are spread out. Every member of your team won’t necessarily be located in the same building. If your team is spread out across the country, waiting by your email for updates is not an option we often have. 

In order to succeed in balancing projects, collaboration must occur in real time whenever and wherever you have availability. Today, technology and the cloud make this possible. Tools such as Office 365, Yammer and SharePoint Server allow teams to interact and share files in real time wherever the day takes them. Collaboration and team projects are not limited to the conference room. For maximum collaboration, teams can work concurrently remotely. Multiple team members can assist with the same project file concurrently to keep the day from slowing down. 

By giving your team the opportunity to work together remotely, the ROI potential is huge. There should be no barriers keeping your team from finishing by their deadline due to space or being on the go. You should not feel strapped to stay late at the office if you can work toward your deadline wherever the day takes you. Also, with the ability to edit in real-time on Office 365 and SharePoint, start and send documents from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device and collaborate in a real-time forum on Yammer, the office is not limited to the desk and conference room. 

It is important to note that being remote doesn’t prevent the security of your files. Your files are completely private, with the opportunity to choose who you share the files with. Visibility and access can be limited to the people you select.

Allow your team to use cloud resources beyond just documents. Convene your entire team’s conversation in once place. Focusing conversations around a forum and allowing for real-time editing from multiple authors keeps the conversation in one place. Competing side conversations will only slow down productivity. With tools such as Yammer, it is possible to hold conversations with the entire team in one, central location. Share files, photos and links to reference while not missing a beat in the conversation. 

Don’t slow down the conversation, and keep the entire team in the loop. Whether the focus is on team files for a large presentation or report, discussions for project next steps or sharing excitement on a strong quarter in the office, the cloud is the destination. With easy-to-use, collaborative tools, such as SharePoint Server, Office 365 and Yammer, nobody on your team will be left out of the conversation. Staying busy, increasing productivity and working wherever the day takes you will be encouraged.

To learn more about the collaboration possibilities for your team, watch these videos:

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