Case Sensitivity in SharePoint Sites and Subsites

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I was recently working with integrating CRM and SharePoint using integration in a plugin/custom workflow assembly following the ideas outlined here and here.

In short, what I am doing is creating folders in a specified location whenever an account is created. Each account has an attribute on it, a reference to a custom entity called an "Area." An Area has a CRM SharePoint site record associated with it. We use that SharePoint site to determine where to create a folder in SharePoint. Technically, the CRM SharePoint record could be a site or subsite.

In my custom code, I read the area for the given account. So, for example, ABC Company is associated with the "Phoenix" area, which has an associated SharePoint site record with a URL to:

That is a site (Northwind) and a subsite (Phoenix), but the URL is stored as an absolute URL on the SharePoint Site record, so it works.

While doing some string comparisons, I did a .ToLower() and wrote my final URL to a field on an entity which is displayed on a form with the string in its .ToLower() form. It looked like this:

When I clicked on that link inside CRM, it failed. I looked in SharePoint and the folder existed. The names were right. I was getting frustrated when I compared a working URL and non-working URL in Notepad and saw they were exactly the same and for some reason, one URL still didn't work. Then I noticed that they weren't exactly the same: "Northwind" and "Phoenix" were lower case, whereas on the SharePoint site record they were capitalized. I thought to myself, "That can't be it. Why would a URL be case sensitive?" Well, it is. As soon as I changed the URL to:

it started working.

I can't explain why, but since SharePoint is involved in the process of handling the URL, for some reason it's case sensitive and so if you're doing a string comparison in C# code in a plugin or workflow, do the comparison in lower (or upper) case, but save the URL in the case that SharePoint recognizes! It will save you a headache!


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