White Paper Delivers Critical Insight into CRM Adoption

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White Paper Delivers Critical Insight into CRM Adoption

The goal of any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative is measurable success against key performance indicators, including return on investment (ROI). Our free white paper, "CRM Adoption: An Organizational Change Management Framework," is organized to help adoption planning teams and company executives manage a successful change management framework and implementation. 

A successful CRM investment brings about more leads, higher lead-to-revenue conversion rates, identification of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, improved customer service, all of which lead to increased client retention rates, growing revenue and your other benchmarks of achievement. To realize measurable returns on a CRM in initiative, your user community must first fully embrace the new system. Successful, widespread user adoption is fundamental to your program’s success.

At the core of every user adoption program is the effort to manage the change in user and team patterns and behaviors. To do this, you must first understand the stages of change. To lead teams and users through to the highest levels of CRM effectiveness, you need a well-designed, executed and managed organizational change plan. 

A successful change management framework will include:

  • Definition of CRM effectiveness by phase
  • Adoption plan design
  • Assessments of individual and team “Stage of Change”
  • Monitoring adoption progress
  • Adoption plan execution managed by an adoption planning team, with oversight provided by an executive steering committee

However, your work isn’t done once you reach your CRM adoption plan objectives. After implementation, you must continually monitor, measure and manage company-wide adoption levels in order to maintain the highest level of program effectiveness.

To get your free copy of our CRM Adoption White Paper, click here. If you’d like a copy of our associated PowerPoint presentation you can request it here.

Obviously, this white paper is a high-level overview intended to give you, your executives and project managers the elements necessary to create a solid CRM adoption plan. Should you require further assistance, please contact our office.

About the Author:

TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration and development of sales, marketing and customer service technologies that enable corporate clientele to improve revenue streams and strengthen customer interactions. Our project management and consulting is designed to achieve timely delivery, 100 percent user adoption of the technologies we implement and deliver measurable returns on investments for our clients.

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