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Social has changed the way people engage and communicate. Today’s customers are more informed and getting their information in new ways and from new sources. Decisions are influenced by discussions online and user reviews. In fact, 75% of B2B customers are likely to use social media to influence their purchase decisions, and customers are over 60% of the way through the sales cycle before they contact you.

Most of today’s social listening tools, however, are so complex and expensive that they’re only available to an elite few —which means relevant information rarely gets to the front lines who need it. How can you get this valuable information?

Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful new service that your organization can use to monitor social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Use Microsoft Social Listening to track products, brands, competitors and campaigns globally and in real time to gain a true understanding of your customers and your business across the social web.

Who can benefit from Microsoft Social Listening? Here is the breakdown below:

Social for Marketing

  • Campaign monitoring: understand what people think of your marketing messages on social media in real time.
  • Brand and product sentiment: learn what people really feel about your business.
  • Top influencer tracking: Identify who is most actively talking about your brand, products and services and how influential they are.

Social for Sales

  • Target account tracking: Monitor key developments at your top accounts.
  • Competitive intelligence: Gain important insights about your competitors.
  • Social buying signals: Spot purchasing signals and generate leads from the social web.

Social for Service

  • Real time alerts: quickly identify customer issues and trends.
  • Social customer service: engage with customers and resolve issues across the social web.
  • Display social charts and posts within Dynamics CRM dashboards or accounts.

Social insights can facilitate amazing customer experiences, ensuring that messages resonate while highlighting trends that impact your brand. Whether integrated into your customer relationship management (CRM) solution or into a stand-alone one, we make it easy to make social part of everything you do.

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