Microsoft Dynamics CRM One-Click Generic Opportunity Product

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Do you have detailed products set up in CRM, yet want to get quantities and estimated revenue added early and easily to new opportunities, even before you know the product details?

  • Set up a “Generic Product” with the desired default unit of measure
  • Add the product to the price list with an average unit price
  • Add a custom button to the opportunity form to “Add Generic Product”
    • Design the button to add the generic product to the opportunity product line item subgrid, populating the unit price from the price list
    • For desktop use, you may want to place the button just above the Product Line Items subgrid, next to the out-of-box “+” icon
    • For mobile use, you will (also) need to place the button in the top nav of the opportunity form, causing it to display in the list of choices when the ellipsis is selected on a mobile device
  • In conjunction, you may also want to (automatically) set the Revenue option field on the opportunity form to be “System Calculated,” rather than “User Provided”  
    • The estimated revenue value will be automatically generated based on the product added to the opportunity

As an example, if you sell carpeting, you would:

  • Set up “Generic Carpet” product with square feet as the unit of measure
  • Add Generic Carpet product to your price list at $3.00
  • When your salesperson creates an opportunity in CRM and has an estimate of the area to be covered, with one click of the custom button, they can add the Generic Carpet product and then enter the number of square feet
  • Optionally, they can change the unit price, if they have an inkling that the customer will go low-end or high-end
  • You now have estimates of square footage and revenue that can be incorporated into your pipeline reporting
  • Later, when it is known that it will be the Gingerbread Frieze at $2.72 per square foot or the Greystone Berber at $5.19 per square foot, the Generic Carpet product line item can be replaced with the detailed product and pricing

This one-click method will make it easy for your salespeople to get product on their opportunities at an early stage, thus giving you the latest and greatest sales pipeline information in CRM!

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TopLine Strategies delivers the complete integration and development of sales, marketing and customer service technologies that enable corporate clientele to improve revenue streams and strengthen customer interactions. Our project management and consulting is designed to achieve timely delivery, 100 percent user adoption of the technologies we implement and deliver measurable returns on investments for our clients.

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