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No better way to say happy holidays to your co-workers than giving the gift of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 takes one step further to provide better solutions for your business.

With the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, there are noteworthy advancements in marketing, sales and service features with the intention of making collaboration easier than ever before not only within your department, but also between departments.

In terms of marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 offers:

  • New interactive marketing calendar
  • Integrated Lync webinars
  • New graphical marketing workflows
  • Email editing
  • A/B testing
  • Integrated offers
  • Language and geography expanded to include Japanese and Russian
  • In terms of sales, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 offers:
  • Product families for product bundling
  • Recommended products
  • Visual sales hierarchies
  • Roll ups
  • More tailored analytics and dashboards for mobile devices

Also new for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 is advancements in the natural language UI. Cortana’s latest voice-enabled experience from Microsoft has been included in the system.

Learn more about the great new features in the Release Preview Guide and see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 will directly impact and improve your business.

Available both online and on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is committed to being accessible in businesses worldwide, in more than 130 markets and 44 languages. Make sure to consider adding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to your wish list this year for your company as they ring in 2015.


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