Dynamics 365/CRM 2016: How to Share Personal Views in the Mobile App

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Whether you’re a user that just wants to share a view with someone or you’re an administrator/manager that would like to create and distribute personalized views, sharing personal views is a very common thing, so it’s surprising that CRM for Tablets does not support it. Shared views that a user does not own do not display in the mobile app. Even worse, if the user has access to a dashboard that contains personal views, they’ll receive a generic error:


The knee-jerk reaction is to avoid shared views completely or bite the bullet and create individualized personal views, then assign them to each user, but this approach gets unmanageable very quickly. However, as described in CRM Tip of the Day's Tip #840, there’s a pretty quick workaround for this issue: use teams. A personal view that is assigned to a team is available to all the team’s members in the mobile app. Granted, depending on how many views you need to share and how many distinct groups of users you have, managing all those teams just for a workaround can be a bit of a pain, but, when the alternative is one-view-per-user, it’s far more manageable.


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